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Finca Onegar comes from the pleasure of their owners Ramon and Elena, have for the life in the countryside, agriculture and land. Marble-known businessmen and owners of the group ARRIAGA STONE, in Macael, decide to invest in the year 2.000 in the purchase of a farm of about 100 ha, in the town of Purchena, a few kilometers from Macael, following the course of the river Almanzora , which crosses the property.

In ancient times the land was used mostly extension to the table grape crop, besides having hundred-year-old olive trees, after purchase, Arriaga’s family decides to make a great investment property by structuring the distinct areas exist an area of ​​forest (pine), another with the vineyard, the area of ​​olive trees with new plantings of olive trees and fruit sectors, which occupy the largest area of ​​the farm. There are growing free zones in the future will be devoted to vineyards.

The taste for things well done, and continuing professional travel Ramon will make bringing ideas to the project, while making the investment, gains little by little their first crops, it is now after a learning period we offer the first results of a decade of tireless work by providing quality products that express the potential of a land and climate, the excellence of its people and the desire to satisfy the most discerning palates.



The Almanzora Valley is located in the northern province of Almeria. This valley, triangular scans and finds the sea at Vera. The farm is in its upper part, above the mining area Macael in Purchena the term.To be surrounded by mountains, allowing the upper valley is at its coolest temperature allowing longer growing seasons. Rainfall is low, which creates a dry climate ideal for growing, and the absence of mushrooms.This is the situation in the Almanzora region within the whole of Andalusia..


Here we place the region within the structure of Almeria, you can see its location between mountains (the Filabres, Maria, Los Vélez and the Estancias), status and protection of the mountains create a special microclimate, cooler than in areas around, thereby making it ideal for farming.


The farm is located on the Term of Purchena next to Los Filabres, about 600 mt. mid-altitude growing area, very good ventilation, and orientation, protected from hot winds.




The vineyards are planted on top of the sedimentary area of ​​the farm, on a slope above the river, where they are well ventilated and designed, rising by a gentle slope that defines the slope of the river basin. Its proximity to the grape harvest wine is a pleasure, because in a few moments the boxes of grapes are harvested in the chillers.

2.1.2.- TERROIR

Our soil is a set of sand, white clay and shale, a mixture of sedimentation and erosion caused by the river and the climate. 

As we see in the picture, and in the bottom of the vineyard, closer to the river, the land sediment (sand and white clay) is shown, being land not very organic and mineral wealth, for though the soil is worked to keep humidity, and irrigation is only performed to avoid excessive water stress that penalizes the maturation of Tempranillo.

The top of the vineyard has a different structure, shallow soils, very mineral, slate, quartz, basalt... with no organic matter, very poor but ideal for concentrated, expressive wines, this selection allows us to get the different cuts that define each reference of the winery. We have in this area of ​​hillside plots prepared to other new planting early, intending to make a white wine

The different zones and soil as you can see, our farm allow to express many different characters.

Our job now is to find, understand and differentiate between these characters, and if it is possible improve our wines, while we respect and offer the best expression of our land.


The option chosen for the development of our vineyard has been double strand, the comfort of it allows a perfect balance, exposure and ventilation, allowing our clusters to be in good health, integrated management of the farm machinery is low, another advantage of this system. There may be better driving systems for the characteristics of our area and soils, but the short history that precedes us do that right now we are studying the particular evolution gives us the features as our special climate, with mild temperatures, great sunshine and no humidity, allows the realization of organic farming, using their management simply powdered sulfure and copper sulfate, only if necessary.


The predominant variety grown on the farm is Tempranillo, which was brought from the Ribera del Duero, selected from old vines of the place, so we should call Tinta Fina, but we understand that, because of where they are and because of respect, we must give their international name.This clone, adapted to less fertile land, has a medium vigor and its production is tightly controlled, earning about five tons of grapes per hectare, quantity ideal for balanced wines.

The presence of the Cabernet Sauvignon is testimonial, while the Petit Verdot is the bet made in the last block of vines planted, to give a touch of character and expression to the courts of each wine.

We are studying the white varieties to plant, to finalize the development of the vineyard project and close our list of wines.


The process of harvesting on the farm is a task set with peace, constant maturity controls set the tone, defining the time of harvest by plot and type of wine. The harvest is manual and takes place in boxes of 15 kg, they are all made in the cold chamber where they lay up to 8 º C, once at room pass through the sorting table where each cluster control.

Harvest time ...

Selection table, tight control of fruit


Currently, all of our wines are made entirely in stainless steel tanks of different capacities, allow to ferment various items that bring each of the wines (young, oak, tempranillo and expression), which are performed in each operations each year and each wine, require, seeking the highest expression possible.

The tanks are used for storage and preparation of bottles, cleaning is essential and the steel is our best ally.


Our barrel room is the next step, temperature and humidity controlled wine settles our time to create appropriate, and depending on the vintage and of course, the types of wine, once raised and homogenized for a while steel, become bottled.



Our short history makes our range of wines is very specific, however, work on developing it, trying year to year offer a better product while still investigating with the intention to create in the near future a greater range and white wine.


More productive strains do a first harvest with the intention of making this wine fresh, fruity and easy drinking. Onegar Joven is a wine simple, sincere, high fruit load and very long aftertaste



More productive strains do a first harvest with the intention of making this wine fresh, fruity and easy drinking. Onegar Joven is a wine simple, sincere, high fruit load and very long aftertaste.



Onegar Tempranillo is the main wine of our warehouse, our wine servant who intends to transmit in the shades of Mediterranean character and the particular terroir of the estate so attached to the most international Spanish variety, Bordeaux wine aged in French and American oak for 12 - 15 months depending on the vintage, which can concentrate the nuances of the variety, soil and climate, as individuals in our location, giving a fruity wine, Mediterranean, sweet tannin and very long, with a nice minerality and amazing balance, the age of our vines.


This is our wine reference comes from the study of the vineyard, the result of strain selection in smaller clusters, loose grain and a small diameter, not sunny and picked at peak ripeness. These clusters are rescreened in the selection table after being cooled in the cold room, cold maceration controlled fermentation joined us produce a wine of intense color that we breed on a selection of new French oak barrels where makes malolactic fermentation lees with remaining in contact with them, and without racking for 13 to 14 months before bottling.

Cutting wine, a mixture of Tempranillo, Petit Verdot and Cabernet, allows the expression of our vineyards in this wine, modern, powerful, direct and very long, nuanced fruity, spicy and minerals, perfectly integrated with a balance that leaves words.

 Little by little we understood our vineyard, the time will do the rest, tomorrow will be our wine reference, and thus born a new wine that is the achievement of our natural evolution.

Onegar’s wines offer hope, good work, feeling free, honest tones generated by a mild climate and a particular soil, know, feel and enjoy...




Centuries ago the presence of the olive tree in the Alto Almanzora is common. On the farm we have a few hundred of them with hundreds of years we talk about the particular environment, these trees are part of the 5,000 who owns the property, being other new plantings of known varieties (Arbequina and Picual) that complement the wild olives is the variety many years ago.

Here you can see new plantings of olive trees, with the fund, on the slope, centenarians, under plantation is 4 meters by 4 meters, being the culture, as in the vineyard, ecological.

There are two distinct varieties, the Arbequina offers an aromatic oil, fresh and soft, Picual, a powerful oil, sour, spicy, there is a choice or mix to suit the client, seeking personal balance it, so diverse in each person... Pure olive juice decanted statically cold pressed by mechanical means.


Harvesting of the olives usually begins in late November, the maturity of each variety is distinct. Manual collecting them aided mechanical combs, olives are transported in boxes for pressing, using different settling tanks of stainless steel, proceed to its natural rainfall until bottling.

4.2.- OUR OIL

Finca Onegar offers the opportunity to purchase varietal oils (100% Arbequina or Picual), or a mixture of both to suit the client, the bottles are made to order, intending to preserve the best characteristics of our oil to avoid oxidation. 

We have 5-liter bottles and bottles of 0.5 ls with its dispenser and customizable to suit the client. Our olive trees produce a particular oil, which use their own activities and bottled in small bottle.

On request we can make special bottled taste of each client.

Our oils, because of our mineral soil (slate) and the number of hours of sunshine, have a texture and a particular volume, highly differentiated from all other oils and Spanish Andalusians, texture and sweet end allow you to use for many applications, and how the wines will surely impress ...








The largest acreage of the property is for families of different fruit trees, which sectors, we offer different types of fruit for several months.


The largest area is dedicated to different types of gage plums and apricots, delicate and very tasty fruit, you can enjoy at their optimum maturity and destination by means of transport.

We also have, oranges, pears, apples, cherries ... products with wine and oil make a shopping cart staples, from the farm we can offer these products directly and in their city ...


Part of our APRICOTS, with the vineyard to the bottom and olive trees... a farm show and invite you to discover..., visit Almeria, a land that does not leave you indifferent.

Unique, different, quality and personality, are the products of  finca onegar ...



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